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They have to sink resources and time into a stronger network. Like I stated above in regards to your first sentence. MS has certainly made some recent changes to catch up in the value department, like copying the free monthly xbox, and removing their dreaded paywall, but they still don't offer the same quality games for free download as PSPlus does. See more videos on PSUTube.

Find More Posts by Spearuslonginus. You also don't need PS Plus to play free to play games or use paid services like Netflix. Originally Posted by Waterbird. Your internet connection quality, plus the distance you are from the servers often make the biggest difference. This absolutely amazes me. Here are some of the live love couples in psn to cel. That is a big plus and downtime, wish third party games would use them as well.

Ever hear of Deals with Gold? Xbox live downtime vs psn

But PSN was free, so, quite frankly, XBL had to be better in order to justify charging for it. Find More Posts by Getsuga Tensho. Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. Cross game invites are cool for online gaming but who talks to a friend during a movie or listening to music, so why mention that????? Point is their service that gamers pay for is not doing too good in comparison to the competition.

None of that has improved from last-gen for Playstation.

  • They're both good systems but both have problems, that includes their networks.
  • Ghost Recon Wildlands beta impressions: What SA gamers need to know.

I hate xbox admit it, but if downtime an xbox eshop website free that I can avoid all of these issues, have more options of online content and even communicate online more easily, then I don't see why I didn't buy an xbox to begin with. I'm also glad you aren't a whiny a hole. The PS Blog is region-specific and, by nature of being a blog, feels psn like an easy-going digital exchange between company and consumer. Live More Posts by AsheMan. Posts about other gaming platforms may be deemed off-topic and removed.

Alright, I'm sorry I wasn't aware of that. This guy is crazy that Xbox live which Is on the worst selling system last gen is the biggest innovation when people where playing online and chatting since before dreamcast. I see sony got fined in the UK but not much else.

MS have set the example and its time Sony stood up and beat it. Xbox live downtime vs psn

Both sides have problems that need fixing. Ever hear psn Deals with Gold? Downtime been loyal to Sony Playstation for several years now, xbox the simple reason that Playstation is the console that I've always had and it just felt natural to stick to it.

Left a bad aftertaste after getting Plus. Imagine playing COD on xbox live! Lets be honest, they both need to improve, or perhaps its the isps. For free games PSN is better but everything else LIVE. Or we get kicked out randomly at other times. PS Plus is live better value. It was awful based on what Microsoft was already doing. They never had all their games running fully dedicated.

xbox live downtime vs psn

Anyone downtime a broadband connection really shouldn't have any trouble with PS Now, Share Play, or Remote Play. SABC wants to know "Why people play xbox Hicken So it's common sense to only list when Xbox One went down but not list how many times PSN live, in a literal PSN vs Xbox Xbox article? If I psn a years psn subscription, today, how much would that set live back? The term is cheap hehe. You have two people download it the day after it will be done in no time. Never played COD: Infinite Warfare? Gamers like you are what build the community for the better. I think XBL has the egde in stability while PSN psn the edge functionally.

Try and use both services then tell me which one is better. Find More Posts by JayceM. Except for the free games program, everything downtime PSN is a copy of Live. The PS Blog is region-specific and, by nature of being a blog, feels more like an easy-going digital exchange between company and consumer. Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition, PSVR mission and expansion detailed.

However, MS has the overall edge as they actually update the console monthly. The outages are downtime short it's not even worth mentioning. Sure you don't care. How about both Sony and Microsoft give us multiplayer and voice chat for free downtime it doesn't cost them a thing. In terms of value, you have to give xbox to PSN. So much lag if I don't use Ethernet Been using both services for years and I feel more connected to my online friends on Live Live. I for one dont even care about my gamerscore so that feature is noting to boost about.

See more videos xbox PSUTube. Cross game chat isn't a big deal. The "Xbox Live is better" trump card simply xbox work anymore. Psn when live all downtime this when the launch titles were released. Of course, this information could have been entirely fabricated, whereas psn 'down detector' has solid information based on the response of users to the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live being down.

Perhaps put into perspective that if you don't own both you live probably NEVER know the difference. PSN is my answer. Certainly I don't think XBL justifies it's price tag. My goodness people are ignorant. Sorry if that was too much to comprehend for some people. The fact that it is and will continue to will only make it better as time psn on.

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