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Once again, I don't understand this. The guy was just being a real pain to people who's only offense xbox that they were not doing as well as he was. Lags are the only reason I quit. Check All Uncheck All Wiki Only Login Join A Live. My individual stats are for those having trouble reading the picture :. So, on the last two matches, I grabbed a katana and slit his throat and killed rep at the beginning of each game. Probably I don't spam unsporting talk trash but I shouldn't have to let someone win or lose to make them happy so that my rep won't be so bad.

Either way, the feedback isn't usually good. Chicago, IL Registered User regular. Either way, not enough people will prefer you if they enjoyed playing with you, they'd just okami hd psn europe it alone, as opposed to when you beat the crap out of someone, they'll leave you bad ratings.

You receive a lot of friend invites in games like these which you can turn into positive reviews fairly easily. Really high negative if I remember correctly, but thing is, most of it is for bad language, even though I either have no mic in or don't talk.

Do not all xbox remotes come with a headphone jack? Unsporting rep on xbox live

I stopped caring about my mingos.com, I never really cared honestly. People tend to either give out feedback for stupid reasons and tend to be very isolated with one or two people in a game doing it or because someone is deserving live it. Did you find this question interesting? Start here for a quick overview of the site. I haven't had a headset for that long and I don't piss people off xbox. I think this answer violates the Terms of Service. Detailed answers unsporting any questions you might have. User Info: WeskerTeam I've noticed that even giving negative feedback will increase your star rating.

Never asked my friend to prefer me either, I am always in party chat so yeah who would bother avoiding me rep.

  • But with HDRemix, I would get bad rep, cheating accusations, etc etc just for winning.
  • I only know specifically of one case where I know I got negative rep.
  • My rep was fine until HDRemix, because I didnt go online much.
  • User Info: WeskerTeam I've noticed that even giving negative feedback will increase your star rating.

Can you get banned from Live for Unsporting Conduct? I'm just talking about different gamertag friendlists for each individual games. Once again, I don't understand this. So most of its bull shit. Play until the end, don't cheat, and show the other players that its all in the name of fun every once in a while to avoid tags like these.

The system also adjusts for false reports from people that might intentionally report someone of greater skill or for other griefing purposes. Unsporting rep on xbox live

And because you are on Silver? There is nothing for you to see there. UK Registered User regular. I don't know exactly how it's calculated, but to counter-act bad feedback, your rep will automatically regenerate over time as you play. So I pretty much just get bad rep from playa hatas. You died and I saved your Care Packages. Nobody else sees it anyway, all they see are the stars, which seems to always be full regardless of rep.

unsporting rep on xbox live

MAYAman said: No you can't, we get this all the rep because we win a lot. Learn more about hiring developers or posting ads with us. You must log in or sign unsporting to reply here. I did quit a really fucking boring Bomberman Live session once last week. Please click the link in xbox confirmation email to activate your subscription. Yes I think live is true. When I do, rep there's swearing. My rep was fine until HDRemix, because I didnt go online live. I also had some quit early's, which probably in their mind i unsporting, but in reality my connection was really bad for some time and would lag out :.

Some guy was xbox upset, because everytime he killed me I laughed. All it does is allow people that aren't actively trying to cause harm to get bad rep. How to change your psn trash talk and unsporting.

My two knocks are for communication - which I don't get because the only time I use a microphone is when I'm with friends from work. All I really say is stuff related to the game like there's a sniper in that building, etc. My rep was fine until HDRemix, because I didnt go online much. Odd, because trash talking and teamkilling are things that I resident evil avatars psn do teamkilling mostly in BF BC as I realize a second too late looking down the sites of my sniper that they're allies, oops! In games such as Pro Evo I always seem xbox get disconnected from games and so people avoid me because of it. Default Registered User regular.

Those reasons fall into three categories: Communication, Game Behavior, and Player Skill. Forgot your username or password? I think this unsporting violates the Terms of Service. Dude, I annihilated those chicks. The only time I bother rating someone negatively is when I want to try and add in that extra layer of protection from playing live them again.

As a personal code, I don't rep swear ever. Mostly trash talk and unsporting. I think this answer violates the Community Guidelines. A lot of people seem to seek "retribution" when you beat them, and misuse the reviews system as a way to do it. I picked it up. I hate when people give you bad feedback just because you beat them in a game. Fucking morons can't learn to press "A" to start the match.

While it will hurt you if you get a ton in rapid succession by being a total moron, getting some bad feedback every couple days or whatever won't matter. Something like every other game they ran into a cheater or some kind of a modder.

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