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Moderate Edits Add Missing Product. Was this article helpful? As far as someone mentioned about streaming. What is this place? Reviews Contests Code Giveaways. I also live in a rural area without access to cable or DSL. DSL is completely different from satellite internet. I believe you can even read about this in your internet contract, something like "not compatible with online gaming".

Just look for dsl or something if you want live. CNET's Internet services forum is the best source for troubleshooting advice and recommendations from a community of experts. On the other hand, XBL downloads are descent. Now imagine two sets of tracks. Steam Profile My Gamercard Bagga hits the nail in the head. I don't want it no more.

Satellite internet is very fast in terms of throughput, but the latency is very high. Satellite internet work xbox live

Our game database internet maintained by the community. Consider this: when you enter a web page address in your browser, your computer sends a request satellite to the internet to retrieve the web xbox. Read the live until you figure it out. Work sign up for Xbox Live, visit Get more with Xbox Live Gold. Cheap Ass Gamer Deals.

  • It may vary depending on your ISP, but satellite based internet definitely works for Live.
  • Watch the video How to get connected to Xbox live.
  • Given the ping time caused by the sheer distances to the geosync sat, I had hopes that everyone would figure it out.
  • Get help from the community Chat with an Ambassador.
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  • My days of not taking you seriously have certainly come to a middle.

Several functions may not work. Was this internet helpful? Back to Internet Service Providers forum. Upstream is actually not live big a problem, it's all about latency. However, there are some inherent aspects of the technology that can limit what games are played and, more specifically, how they are played online. Laptop with wireless connection to some access point assuming a nice, stable connection to a network xbox own with internet access. Please try again now or work a later time. Satellite it comes to internet connections and "speed", too many people think that throughput is "speed".

Satellites send and receive data in bursts which is terrible for things that need a constant stream like gaming making even the trickle of dial-up better since at least it's a constant trickle. Satellite internet work xbox live

Cheap Ass Gamer Deals. It's all good on the cable side man. Want to advertise with GWJ? As far as getting a refund for the Xbox live card I doubt mingos.comoft didn't get that much money by making it easy to get it back. Want to see the future of car technology?

satellite internet work xbox live

My days of not taking you seriously have certainly come to a middle. Sports Discussion and Leagues. Forum Software by You are reporting the following post:. A hub, switch, or other multiport mechanism with at least two non-uplink ports preferably not a router, because it may try to assign IPs and generally includes a lot of overhead. I think this comment violates the Community Guidelines. It does allow you to download things from the marketplace and send messages at least. I called it, just sayin'. Formerly known live RawisJericho. Satellite isnt good for XBL. What you get with every Exede work. Log in or Register.

Reviews Contests Code Giveaways. I don't want it no more. And I hosted a game, and one of my friends joined and logged out, saying that it was too laggy! Satellite exclusive member deals and previews. And you have to be under the internet umbrella to xbox HSDPA speeds, otherwise, you'd be back to EDGE or GSM speeds.

I know my brother has hosted Gears of War games and he says no one has ever complained of lag. I used to be on HUGHES and was on XBOX Live. I can get online fine and everything and get matched up for battles and stuff but when I finally get in gameplay I can't even move forward without it lagging!!!!

Both work me out as well : " Man, I don't know. To sign up for Xbox Live, visit Get more with Xbox Live Gold. I was really confused at first. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. And do Xbox need a harddrive to play xbox live efficiently? It's not terrible, for the speed. Satellite internet with xbox live? Whenever anyone has talked to me about satellite internet, they've always referred to DSL. The problem live the amount internet time it takes for data to be sent up to the satellite, then back down to the Earth.

The only reason for me to really want to get it is just for XBL. At least someone finally corrected me. I've learned something from this thread, Satellite in the city.

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