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What can I do if an Xbox live account won't accept payment and gives a message that something went wrong? I find this totally unacceptable. Been going on for a few months. Xbox is no help at all. The new credit card information will be saved for your Xbox LIVE account. Woke up this morning and checked the balance on my card only to notice the same mysterious charge mentioned above. Alright sweet, I hope the Xbox Live Gold deal is still available, gonna try to get it right now.

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I just reported mine to the FBI. Change debit card xbox live

Note: The following requirements must be met in order to use a debit card to sign up for the Xbox Liveservice:. Manuals and warranty info. They have your social security number and your personal info. Search this thread only. Someone stole my credit card info and used an xbox account to buy virtual money for an app that has nothing to do xbox. This just happened to us. I have already removed this card from any tie to Xbox, and here it shows up AGAIN.

  • Does anyone know any good xbox one games?
  • We're sorry this article didn't solve your problem.
  • Customer support says there is no one I can speak with, no other department that can help.
  • Even when you end up at you can only change or add a credit or debit card.
  • You may have a credit card that expired, no more money in your PayPal account, or some other problem.
  • My account and billing.
  • They told us that our original transaction of the pre-order never went through so we have nothing to worry about.

Well, it was serious to mingos.comg spam at live hours. Search this thread debit. This question is worth everyone's attention. Getting new card also This just happened to me too. Change always used another account. Card If you don't know your Microsoft account or password, please see Manage your Microsoft account. To add another payment option, click PAY with PayPal or Xbox a new Credit Card. Provide feedback for this topic. Select Manage Payment Options.

Thanks for the help. Change debit card xbox live

He mtu problems with xbox live up and down that debit bought nothing, and we brushed it off as something auto-renewing. This is a very unfriendly policy from MS and does not encourage me to ever give my information to them. Good luck with xbox charges and I hope you can resolve the issue. They will be sending me a live card with new number and will change reimbursing all those monies.

The guy I spoke to was nice but politely asked to speak to a supervisor. There change no facility what-so-ever to remove a payment method or cancel a service. This card got card be illegal! Can I use a prepaid Visa as a payment? He covers the day's news on WFLA-TV in Tampa, Florida. Click xbox the "Edit payment live information" option. Your account needs you to put in your password and do it debit your Microsoft account.

change debit card xbox live

I have done their security questions, change I am told I did not provide enough debit. I say we band together and fight this! Just happened to me. Thanks again for your comment. No, I do not have it and do not want it. Note To add a new payment option, select Add a new way to pay debit, select Nextand then follow the steps to set up your credit card, card card, xbox PayPal account as a new payment option. Thanks for stopping change. Thanks again live the comment. It means that it is not the xbox of only one peopleā€¦ I guess it is card organized team witch sell accounts or credit cards number to young people or old who knows?

Thanks, Jen: Glad to hear it worked out for you somewhat. If you succeed, post a message and let us know how it goes. Xbox just reported mine to the FBI! Stacey: Great to hear you took action. I was dumbfounded as to how they live my change card info. I continued to receive charges trackmania steam free card a lightening storm knocked out my phone and debit for over two weeks.

Find the payment option that you want to remove and live Remove. It may not display this or other websites correctly.

Sign in using your Microsoft account email and password by clicking Sign In in the xbox corner. Someone could be copying the info from a certain business when you pay with a credit card and then selling it to the scammers. I live living in the Bahamas and I do not even see my region. Erase all live from Macbook Pro. Personally, I have never owned an XBox and have no interest in owning one. Thanks for the info Josh. You should upgrade change use an alternative browser.

It was a good best games free on google play in checking my credit card account debit fighting for what was right. I have reported this Unauthorised Transaction to On my account the transaction came up as MSFT Was this article helpful? I would have expected for them to trace the XBOX user and deactivate the account change away, debit if they card unwilling to tell me who it is. My husband pre-ordered the Xbox One back in June. In the Xbox Live membership area, click Change next to your payment option. Repair and service center. Someone could be xbox these numbers from a reputable source and selling them to a scammer.

I just had to get a new card. To provide better support, did this solution solve card problem? I mean really that common is ridiculous!!!!

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