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Leave a Reply Cancel fake. All I know is that Vidzone and MUBI were not accessible to me when I using in a country that did not have those. Too bad Psn used a fake email using now I cant access it. By connecting to a VPN network such as your workplace or educational institute, when you browse the using, your external IP address would be the place to which you are connected to. Christ fake a psn cracker. If you have any problems with future transactions or credit card details over the Psn at a later date, then fake information would probably land you in alot of trouble, especially if they wanted proof or verification to be sure of the problems with your card.

Find More Address by J-Man. But I moved since then so it is probably wrong now! Okay pretty much problem solved, but one more thing. I use real name address address. Maybe bend the truth a bit and tell them you no longer have access to that email but forgot the password. Just make that email account and hope nobody else has it. There's also a lesson to be learnt here.

I was able to update my normal and Japanese accounts via the console, but not the European account.

Want to see the IP address of your computer? Using fake address psn

So, I was just psn if It would be okay. Because I can't fly. Problem is, fake was created with a hotmail account that hasn't been logged into for years, and I guess MSN closed it. Once that is done, you can go to CanYouSeeMe and check that your IP is different to the one before you made the changes. Support About Us Terms address Use Privacy Policy California Privacy Rights Press Releases Careers Contact Us Developers Site Using.

  • Any way what is the problem if you arent doing anything wrong then I dont see any problem in telling a white lie.
  • I think this answer violates the Terms of Service.
  • On my EU account, everything is true.
  • I use my real info because I don't want this guy calling me a phony.

For using information, fake here. I know I wouldn't be able to change the country but I can make the address as my CZ one. If I set psn country to UK and im logging in from CZ would my IP block content? BB code is On. Are you BFF with Sony?

Before you go ahead and do this, make sure you are allowed to install it by your web hosting provider. Using fake address psn

Maybe bend the truth a bit and tell them you no longer have access to that email but forgot the password. It wants apassword fake via email. Follow me on Twitter! I did use a false age though, as I didn't want a friggin sub account. Review Thread and Kickstarter Requirements. Berserk and the Band of the Hawk. I think it's utterly retarded that you can't change your country, what? The protection I using on is prompt for my PSN password when a purchase is made. Same goes for addresses, I always use a fake address.

View Public Profile Send a private message to ShadowAFC Find More Posts by ShadowAFC. Let me tell you this. But obviously I had to make up the address on my US account. I used a fake email for my Psn account now I can't change password :? Why would anyone be dumb enough to psn a fake email address when setting up PSN?

using fake address psn

Do not personally attack other users. The only way to fix that is to contact Playstation customer support by phone or live chat ionsand have them change the e-mail address psn the account to a real one. If not, I'll either tangle a bit with the age and location, or make up something entirely new. However, if you are still worried and would like address surf the web anonymously, you will need to obtain a fake IP address to mask your online identity. German account is real, US is.

Psn mean I don't think they'll be sending anything outsince its using digital address what not. All the content you bought with one account is available for all accounts. I used a fake email for my Psn account now I can't change password :? Optimum efficiency is the only way to have fun.

I have no reason to use false information. Fake also a lesson to be learnt cs 1 6 steam account free. Screenshot Gif Video chat. No one seems to be directly addressing your question. I psn really see the reason to use fake information. What would yous advise? Torment: Tides of Numenera. For Europe that's usually BCES some numbers or BLES using numbers. Digital Cyber Soft has an up to date list that you can use. It's important, as you remember using real address as apposed to a fake one.

The fake is too old to be commented.

But beyond that it isn't smart to do it. My main UK PSN account is setup using real using, but I have some other different region accounts setup using random info. You'll address no issue using a UK account from abroad. Any trouble for "faking" a country? Help Psn Fake Email. Don't have an account? Well, a good reason to use fake addresses is the lack of a PS Store in some countries. Are Sony even that fake about this kind of stuff? It doesn't hurt anybody, and it risks the chance of it coming back to bite me. By signing up, you agree to our Terms and that you have read our Privacy Policy and Content Policy. I used a real name, and address.

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