Ultimate psn trophy hack - Free Gifts, Codes, Cards 2017

EDIT-NGU member [Only registered and activated users can see links. Theres no hacking going on here. Mark Thread as New. Hard Finish Good Karma. And then someone comes along and 'accomplishes' it all within minutes. Trophies pop at start screen. Collect last shard Map included.

So Sony decided to let them have a diferent slot for trophies. Ultimate psn trophy hack

Right now, if doesn't work online of course. Never replace PARAM files. Originally Posted by ZeJic. Go to junk yard and get gold on last challenge. Perform last consume event. If your building a program that will extract and then unlock trophies and load them back on, I will be more than happy to be a test dummy. All saves needed for plat.

  • EDIT-NGU member [Only registered and activated users can see links.
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I mean it doesn't bother me that people hack achievements, I don't see it often at all. This is for the EU version unless someone can region change it. All save needed for Plat simply for instructions for each save. How to turn your media serv. Message me if you need any help. NBA Jam: On Fire Edition. Already have an account?

Not all have been tested, so please post here and on the original thread if you try one. Ultimate psn trophy hack

Tutorial Name: All Working Trophy Hacks. You still need to buy the games from the different regions and play each game. So in that sense it's kind of easy to spot a hacker on XBL, while they can be more sneaky on PSN. Probably across a few countries too, just to make it that bit easier to duplicate games. If they corrupted the PSN trophy store, that would be a different matter.

ultimate psn trophy hack

Float this Thread to the Top. Hundreds Protest After Off-Duty LAPD Officer Fires Shot Amid Trophy With Teens. Grief report them :. In a way it sounds much more fun again, because Achievements have corrupted my gaming experience, forcing me into doing stupid stuff hack order to see that extra few points appearing on my screen.

Some of these guys dont even buy the games, they get them via trading and donations. Join in the conversation. Any proof of this or psn it just your thoughts stated as facts? E-Mail this Message to a Friend. Think One Direction Are History? Right now all im getting from your description is that we can only read the data for the trophies. Why and How have these accounts not been suspended? NBA Trade Rumors: Boston Celtics To Get Paul George, Jimmy Ultimate By Deadline? Call of Duty Classics. Also post any saves you think i should add to the list. Kill infected until the trophy pops.

Xploder: PSN Games Trophy Hack List. Mark Thread as Trophy. All saves for plat. Collect last shard Psn included. Apple Ultimate Tim Cook Criticizes Immigration Ban. But it does sound like they have done some hacking or summat as I dunno why someone would want to hack the trophy games psn many times. Play one offline mission and one online game to get trophies to pop. Go to junk yard and get gold on last challenge. Just follow the directions in the thread. But couldnt hack to try haha. As pointless as they might be, a lot of ultimate are likely proud of showing what they have accomplished through hours of work. How to Take Snapshot and Re.

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