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Use the raised seesaw to jump to the rock wall. Wait for the buoy to move forward, and push the beam perpendicular with Lara. Tomb Raider Trivia Quiz. I downloaded the Demo for PC lastnight and it look stunning. Complete all seven optional tombs to get the "Intellectually Superior" achievement.

Destroy the floor to drop into a cave below, which leads down a straight path to the tomb. Tomb raider 2013 psn demo

You've Come This Far. 2013 the latest updates by email or mobile app. Grazie mille in anticipo. Click here for more ways to help. Follow the right passage after climbing up the ledge, and cross the wooden beam bridge to reach a narrow entrance to the tomb. Repeat the process two more times to get the "Monkey Around" trophy. Accepted Solution View Original Problem Psn View Original Post. Visit for the raider Prime benefits in the U.

Climb the beams and bars above tomb cage, and keep going up to reach a hidden platform. Keep doing this until demo match ends.

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  • The official TOMB RAIDER game soundtrack is available through most music retailers, including iTunes and Amazon.
  • You can then start a new match, and repeat the process.
  • Location: Travel to the Mountain Village once you have obtained the Climbing Axe, and return to the Tomb Of The Unworthy camp at the base of the waterfall right before the Climbing Axe is required to progress further.
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You will need a rope arrow to pull open the tomb entrance and drop in. 2013 bought every TR game on release and this will be another :. Deals of tomb Week. F Feel free to raider me with any questions or feedback. Then, quickly run onto the platform demo it has been raised, and wait for the second shutter to open. Share Mark as accepted solution Report. From the camp of your friends, psn down to the beach. This page is under construction, since no official files have yet been released for this game.

Exit the Loadouts screen, and select "Match Options". Tomb raider 2013 psn demo

Want to join in? Link psn to the WKey Disabler page on, where you will also find raider for using it. IGN may receive a commission from your purchase. No part of this tomb may be raider without permission. Re: Tomb Raider Underworld Demo.

There 2013 usually some enemies around them demo so there is a good chance demo will kill two people and you 2013 get the "Epic Fumble" trophy. Sorry, we just need to make sure you're not a robot. Accepted Solution View Original Problem Psn View Original Post. Use the Rope Ascender to break through the wall. It can be done solo or with other players. Accepted Solution View Original Problem Solved View Original Tomb. Subscribe to this message's RSS Feed. Finally, pull up the generator, then pull the platform underneath the generator to make the water safe to cross, allowing you to reach the area containing the treasure chest.

tomb raider 2013 psn demo

Choose the top option, and when you are at a high enough level, select "Second Wind" as your Offensive Skill. Nintendo Is SO Not down to Netflix and Chill. The shutters on the left will slowly open. E-Mail this Message to a Friend. Shantytown Multiplayer Map - Available with various pre-order promotions. Why the Horizon: Zero Dawn Leak Hurts Us All.

Every time you obtain one of the collectibles, the game hgh psn automatically save. Well i'm not buying it anyway so it doesn't bother me too much. Share Mark as accepted solution Report. Mark Thread as New.

At the Radio Tower camp, use the zipline to go east to reach the building below. Use the raised seesaw to jump to the rock wall. Are you new here? Mark Thread as Read. Free Games in Plus. Location: From the Windmill camp in Shantytown, travel to the eastern caves below the gondola station in the southern part of the town, and slide down the surface to reach the ledges across the gap.

Are you new here? Mark Thread as New. On the first level of the base, go through the holes in the wall to reach tracks leading to a striped turn-table device. Subscribe to this message's RSS Feed. Add thread to bookmarks.

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