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Happened to me about a year ago. I'm legitimately surprised as I almost HAD to set up two step verification for XBox Live. In my account, to charge my card I have to do a two step process with two passwords, one of them is a one time only sent to my phone when I am doing the operation. If another site was hacked and user psn was stolen, that information will be added to standard dictionary files for password crackers to use. They made need to verify how to change psn id identity with DOB or other how but they should never ask you for your password.

Philip Rosenberg: Senior Vice President, Hacked Development and Publisher Relations. I'll try contacting customer service but this does seem get strange. Wondering if I'll never get my account back. But I think that someone more luck. I hope OP sees this as this was the only way I was able back get a UK ISP to resolve termination of a business account for me.

My account got hacked, money got stolen. Berserk and the Band of the Hawk. Sony, MS, Nintendo, Steam and others, they all take our information. This email confirms that your Sony Entertainment Network sign-in ID Email address has been changed successfully. Make sure to use a strong password for obvious reasons.

Here are two ways to get in touch with a customer service rep from Sony: or you can look at your other options on: To reset your password follow this guide here- Hopefully this helped! Someone hacked my psn account how do i get it back

Immediately got dressed, drove to my bank and told them about it and they were very nice about it. Let us do it. If you did not change your sign-in ID, please contact Customer Support at the following address: The Sony Entertainment Network Team Sony Network Entertainment Europe Limited. I would even try the UK guy as he may send it through to the US side, you never know. MY PSN ACCOUNT HACKED. I never anticipated this would blow up as big as it has! I got confused and restarted it. Can you imagine if someone was talking to you like this face-to-face?

And government clearance that opens the door to some really interesting jobs. The money goes instant and most of the time I do the charge when I am at the final checkout phase.

  • Either way it's worth reporting to prevent further charges from applying, and to act as evidence if they get investigated for fraudulent charges against other accounts.
  • We had a limit, but anything over the limit can be authorized by someone in the next dept.
  • The guy was a young adult type of guy and really chill.

It made no sense and it seemed like it was just a problem that could easily be fixed. My PSN account got hacked this morning. OP would have a chance in Small Claims court, and Sony, like most corporations, hate the SC playing field because it is so even. Email to a Friend. I think I got hacked too. Here is the number for sony, call and talk to them and they will take care of everything! Had the same issue.

I'm not sure about international law but in the US, you have far more consumer protections with a credit card than you do with debit cards. If you are unable to successfully set a new password using the methods provided, you will have to contact PlayStation support. It is utterly impossible to escalate any issue you have with Sony, they will not give out contact details for real complaints to anyone but their own services department and the managers there are even more condescending than the regular staff.

I never had any issues with XBL back when I was a console gamer and I honestly never felt upset about paying what was then a reasonable charge. He also informed me that I could dispute the charges with my bank, but buy amazon gift cards doing so, my account would be banned from PSN. I have a friend who works in the industry.

I take this very personal, regardless of the amount. Someone hacked my psn account how do i get it back

Changing and Resetting Your Password I just had the exact same thing happen to my main PSN: DarthDanMan. It's an extra step, sure, but how beats someone account crazy on your debit card. If the card has no someone or the amount of money in it is not enough to cover a specific purchase, the operation will simply not work. They could deauth your console and auth their console, but then they have no access to your payment info. He has tried to reset his password but the email get he has hooked back his psn account has been shut down from yahoo due to innactivity. NONE OF US CAN USE IT!

Called Chasez canceled the card, opened a fraud investigation I wanted to catch the fuckerand had Chase contact the Brazilian authorities to file a criminal report I really wanted psn catch hacked fucker. You guys don't deserve to have to jump through hoops because of policy, especially with Sony's security problems. I did so, and they directed me to chat.

someone hacked my psn account how do i get it back

Just a FYI to others. If you did not change your sign-in ID, please contact Customer Support at the following address:. Psn account hack possibility? All spoilers and NSFW content must be properly marked. Tech Support Forums: [ NA ] [ EU ]. If you don't have a credit card, you should only fund your wallet by separately purchasing prepaid PSN cards and have no card associated with the account. Microsoft froze my account, told me to contact my bank, and unfroze it once my funds were replaced and my account number was changed. If you don't ipod to itunes transfer free reviews, they punish you by taking all your stuff and then profiting if you chose to restore your collection over time.

If you haven't, do! Those usually don't get caught by any kind of two-factor authentication. My boss regularly tells me to "ask the Google". If another site was hacked and user information was stolen, that information will be added to standard dictionary files for password crackers to use. Hell, I'd have recommended escalating to a supervisor in order to avoid a pointless escalation. It seems like they could give a shit about being prepared.

What's worse, they'll just keep going back for more when the next cycle of new products come through. Now I use my credit card through Amazon to get an instant code, pretty much knowing what I want to buy then and there. They should have no problem contacting a merchant and telling them that harming their customer over fraud caused by sony's lack of security will get their merchant account pulled. My dad didn't give a shit but my mom said I should call the Microsoft.

It's extremely where can i download songs for itunes for free in FIFA. Reading this caused me to go ahead and create a new, randomly generated password for my SEN account. I also have to put in the button sequence if I login on another console. The most memorable one to me is the time putting paid music CDs into your computer had them install rootkits on your device.

If you have a PSN account, throw it an upvote! I don't understand the point of it myself, how or why they do it. It denies charges over a certain amount, but all I have to do is click a button in their app or in my email and it gets approved. Definitely worth it for all the bad rep Sony has been getting with their security. Sony has to PROVE to visa that this was not a fraudulent transaction, and that is a very hard thing to do. It likely has nothing to do with you. This morning, I started receiving emails indicating a number of purchases on my PSN account.

Your bank should be more than happy to do this for you. Sony refunded my money pronto. I offer mt services to ky friends and family because I enjoy it so much. It will then be available to anyone trying to break into an account.

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