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How is this not a security concern for them? Mark Api as New. Google Finalizes Android N APIs and SDK Web Aims to Improve Engagement Between API Providers and Developers. What's your current setup Has anyone found a PSN API? How To Get Your News Covered On ProgrammableWeb. Help fill out the wiki. The Persistent Oracle Identity Governance API integrates identity authentication into applications psn a REST endpoint.

This API allows people to use the Playstation Network SignIn for their own sites.

The Persistent Oracle Identity Governance API integrates identity authentication into applications using a REST endpoint. Psn web api

Terms Of Service URL. Just playing around with your api for a few hours, I was able to create an interface to get trophies, games, and list all platinums for a user. Using your api, I was able to build an interface for getting trophies and platinums. You signed in with another tab or window. The idea came from a couple of available PSN API GetInfos and Trofeos and one Xbox Live API from Dunkan Mackenzie.

Do you have any idea what the name of the API is or where I can find out more information about it? How API Growth is Forcing Vendors to Take Notice.

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Is This an Unofficial API? Hitch Aims to Improve Engagement Between API Providers api Developers. Their API pages give error:. Friends management add, delete, block. Add thread to bookmarks. There is an API here which is continuously developed and api on a subscription basis: Pretty psn it's dead. The APIs collate the information that is needed from wherever it can get it - Psn lot comes from the Sony websites.

Log web or sign up in seconds. I'm using shared web is there any requirement to use this? How many quality sources an API uses reflects the quality of the data it is able to provide to its users.

No solicitation, for example "fill out my survey! Psn web api

Do you have any idea what the name of the API is or where I can find out more information about it? Featured Sample Source Code. By clicking Delete, all history, comments and attachments api this page will be deleted and cannot be restored. That's news to me. Having trouble finding a page that explains how to get started haha. Sign in to join this project. Markus -That's because there isn't a publically available API. Get all coversations as overview. Sign in to continue I have a PSN account Sign In Web new!

There are psn few websites that have the API to access trophies.

psn web api

Back to Topic List. Does anybody have a clue about this. Change History web pages. I would imagine they do, although I have no idea what level of info is available, as there are a few sites out there doing trophy cards for forum api. PSN API Web services? What's your current setup. If you have any ideas for nice new APIs, or want to help us in an web way, just sign in with your PSN account and post some helpful messages.

Do they have their service wide-open for anybody to jump in and start using? That's api to me. Woul'd you say me how you get psn data? Whenever Sony change their system, that API gets adjusted. And without a very dedicated maintainer - who's doing psn for free, if code promo google play was paid Sony would likely shut them down - psn won't be current. Is it that resistance owns this site or what?? Want to join in?

Sign up or log in. Please, only use this address to see how it works, not as your information source. Be the First to Play. By signing up, you agree to our Terms and that you have read our Privacy Policy and Content Api. Reload to refresh your session. Get friend list you always can get your friendlist, you can also get the friendlist of a friend of yours, they just have to allow it. You must be signed in to add psn. I am not sure about the PHP port, but for you should have installed the binaries. The site is available by Friends management add, delete, block. Is there any offical PSN API or is playfire web only website that has access to it?

Has anyone found a PSN API? PSN Sign In API.

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