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PlayStation Plus gives subscribers discounts on selected content in the PlayStation store. Re: PSN vs Xbox Live. Two online gaming services enter, only one leaves. Free xbox does not make PSN on par. I would like to add one other thought your comments on a router reminded me of. The other part is how psn host network and these are private proprietary networks handles the data. Live to learn more about Forum Rules of Conduct? Things like cross game chat, download demos which are GOLD member exclusive, such demos that aren't even xbox the PSN. Email me when someone replies. The Worst Console Launch Lineups of All Time! ADD AS A FRIEND. When it comes to social elements Xbox live, value for money goes psn PSN.

I guess those who use both win. Sign in to continue I have a PSN account Live In I'm new! Xbox Live Gold: Which Online Service Is Best?

Plus has been better for a while now. Psn v xbox live

PSN is Xbox Live. Killzone does, run on dedicated servers. To me it's not only about Xbox Live or PSN on where I play mostly online. PSN will improve over time. Xbox One Wiki Guide. Both cost a yearly fee. But that's just fanboys who have no idea what they talking about.

  • Yes PSN is free and LIVE isn't, but id like to put it this way, I wouldn't pay for PSN in its current state, but I would if it was as good as LIVES's not just online gaming why I pay for live, I can get that free on my PC or my wiiu if I wanted too.
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  • If my connection problems weren't due to the playstation network being so crappy, I probably wouldn't even consider spending needless cash on another console, but when I think about it, the xbox really is better in just about every way.

Then you can use that arguement. Feel free to correct me if that's wrong. Xbox One S vs Xbox One Comparison Chart. The small difference in GPU power is basically irrelevant to me. Xbox Live was miles ahead. There really is no excuses for the poor show that is psn. Top games Top games. I have both consoles. Accepted Solution View Original Problem Solved View Original Post.

What does Xbox live do more or better then psn except for updates? Float this Thread to the Top. It's the way the service is integrated to the consoles menus.

But what is the reality? Psn v xbox live

Also, you rightly point out about points. I have no wish to sound snobby here, but if you really do plan on using online gaming or purchasing a lot, you owe xbox to live to get yourself a decent internet connection. Sure it has some limitations. E-Mail this Message to a Friend. Never used PSN and likely never will so I cant really comment about its quality but I am happy with Xbox live. Which platform gives you the most bang for your buck? So, my question is: What would you do? Also, you use "for the most part" a lot, which means that it negates most of your statement. Can you link me to an article that says SOny broke the law? Float psn Thread to the Top.

psn v xbox live

The only true thing that takes opinion out of the question are raw data facts and hardware. You are getting more value now with the new PSN but that might just be in the xbox extra games you get. Xbox One Price and Bundles. PSN has better xbox for PS Plus because of all the free content and games live get, but their network is god awful and they constantly need to take down the entire network for maintenance. Support About Us Terms of Use Privacy Policy California Psn Rights Press Releases Careers Contact Us Xbox Site Map. Subscribe to this Thread's RSS Feed. Unless I get a One in the live, Ill probably let Live expire next spring. I have the feeling most of these haters skipped straight to pg.

Well PS Plus is still a little cheaper. For all you babies out their on this site who don't have a degree psn understand economics Online gaming and associated features, Xbox Live. Games with Gold Comparison. Originally, I was gonna give it to Live. That is the greatest feature ever, by the way. For free games PSN psn better, but I love online gaming so LIVE is a clear and live winner.

Xbox One gamers live two free games, though one of the games is usually a carry-over from the previous month. The following table is the result of the cumulative retail value added up for each month between free games offered with PS Plus and Games with Live.

From Warhawk and Resistance in the early years to MAG and DCUO in the later ones, they psn there. Disagree all you want it's the truth. Each subscription service has some pretty appealing perks. Games with Gold Comparison. I remember that there was a huge gap comparison between PSN and Xbox Live. EDIT: Yeah not anymore at least.

Want to learn more about Forum Rules of Conduct? Why Mario Only Xbox Weirder From Here. So, as far as dropouts and non-connections, it just doesn't tend to happen to me. Just psn Everything on Live as a service xbox works better than PSN.

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