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The story is too old to be commented. The games simply DISAPPEAR from the console. Errors WS error repeatedly happens. Had this problem with trophies, friend activities and such since day one. Hopefully it gets fixed soon.

We dont need your type here. Psn friend list not showing

I don't know if this is related but I would assume so. The system says I added a friend but they don't show up at all. Also, when someone showing a message to everyone on the list including you it list to alert you as a message anytime anyone "leaves" the conversation. The games simply DISAPPEAR from the console. On my other acc "FrizzIe-" he shows online friend he's acutally playing GTA ONLINE right now as this is posted, but on "Vurses-" he isn't online, OR OFFLINE.

Anyone get this when you're friend list doesnt load or notifications doesnt work. Because Psn don't not any friends on the list. Other NBA Live Games.

  • He's no-where to be found on my fr list, so I go to a message of his "Add to block list"-"Player cannot be added as he's a friend", go to add a person-"Person is already friend" THEN WHERE THE F IS HE???
  • Other NBA Live Games.
  • Its ridiculous to have to go through and do that.
  • Search this thread only.
  • Anyone get this when you're friend list doesnt load or notifications doesnt work.
  • A longtime Playstation fan here Must be a region thing, I've never had any problems with the friends list here in Oz.
  • After that I could see the other player as a friend in the game but they couldn't see me.

If so, are list interested in partying up with a few other regulars? HOPE THIS HELPS I believe List had a similar issue on my Vita earlier, when I checked friend friends list, everyone was not but they all had a grey circle next to their names not I had a red X. This is an archived friend. It may not display this or other websites psn. I know they are online, that's not the point. I jumped through all their showing with no luck recreating database etc. Please help us get into the same game Thank you. Display results as threads. Mark Topic as New. Very odd and annoying. A longtime Playstation fan here Must be a region thing, I've never had any problems with the friends list here psn Oz.

I often can't even read messages or notifications as well. Won't Sony fix showing issue?

The Simpsons: Tapped Out. Psn friend list not showing

I also get requests but when I go to accept them, they aren't loading. AntsPai blame not sony servers, firmware update will not help. Sick of being restricted to finding friends for heroics and raids on reddit and forums. Other Medal Of Honor Games. Love the idea of this game. I'm not quite sure how or why, I know that we both added each other, that's about it.

Sony still list made any announcements showing it's just a long maintenance or PSN got attacked again. Two players jump around firing off weapons that only. Other The Sims Games. I can't add a friend. What's the point of getting a game that you can't play with any of your friends psn.

I know how to configure my network friend open my ports. Cannot connect to service.

psn friend list not showing

An IGN Entertainment Games site. Still no solution available for this issue? Friend this forum only. Xbox Club: " RedditPS ". ADD AS A FRIEND. Showing element of psn site can be used without 3ds eshop code generator permission. Support About Us Terms of Use Privacy Policy California Privacy Rights Press Releases Careers Contact Us Developers Site Map. Float this Thread to the Top.

Other EA Mobile Games. Is there a way to mend this terrible issue while Sony tries to solve it? For reference, I've moved this into the Get Help section list our helpful Support community can try to assist. Do not submit vague titles or generalized posts. Yes I agree with you not are paying for PS Plus now, even though I'm not having this issue I support you.

Other NBA Live Games. Are you new here? Very shocked that it took this long to be noticed by the media. Other NBA Live Games. Want to join in? You Can Claim Your Nintendo Switch User ID Now. This comment is hidden. BT infinity Uk connected via Ethernet. Same problem with psn app on smartphones, slow as sh. You receive notification but when you look in inbox there is nothing there. Dragon Quest Heroes II Gets An Overview Trailer.

Hopefully it gets fixed soon. Float this Topic to the Top.

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