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Definitely one of the better deals I've seen! For other subreddit filters, click here. So I understand as to why I may have gotten banned, but it seems a bit unfair since I would be more than happy to change it to goldberg-1992 psn a bit subtle. I hope the proposed solution you found works out. The only advice I can offer is, keep trying. Yeah because the name is so funny. He had an offensive name and it goes against their ToS.

And here I am, living my life as disabled furniture. Btw their chat support cant handle this psn they arent allowed to type anything but macroed responses. Name point was that how can you complain about customers for dicks and then using that behaviour to justify yourself being a dick? I don't own any. So ya they don't have a nice way of banned it, then again, as a child or not you have to realize and probably read the fine print when creating an ID.

I think this question violates the Community Guidelines. Share Mark as accepted solution Report. You don't know their story, or why they are so mad.

Plus, Sony is a Japanese company and OP is in Saudi Arabia. Psn banned for name

A long time ago. You've got my full support from Egypt. Float this Thread to the Top. So they said I can keep my account, but I loose my friends, my trophies, and my game progress. Event and Megathread Policies.

  • Upon contacting Sony, the publisher was initially helpful and offered to change his username.
  • Anyways I hope sony fixes this because it's very unfair and I hope you gain all your hard work back.
  • It has nothing at all to do with anything sexual, it's like saying platypus is offensive.
  • Being nice gets you no where with them and have gone through periods of weeks without any internet and TV service while being the "nice guy".

I would probably actually cry if this happened to me. Its just smart to for what you're agreeing to before you banned to it. Thats what i had to do in my case with Name and some backend stuff they resolved. Because Support can't decide if I'm inherently offensive or not. This is simply replacing a word. Name Gif Video chat. Like any other respected company does. Two months ago I pre-ordered Overwatch: Collectors edition, once I got my hands on it I played it right away.

George Bush was in the White House, the US was invading what? I didn't do anything. Trivia GameSpot Polls Test Board For Testing GameSpot Giveaways GameSpot Aussie Gamers Political Gamers Or search for a more specific forum Bring back the main forum list. Trouble is, even if you, psn your heart of hearts, believe your ID is not offensive it's not your opinion that counts. Mark Topic as Psn. That would be banned of my argument in any case forward.

For the first four letters are why it was banned.

This must be very disheartening. Psn banned for name

Basically, you earned the banishment. My brother's psn got shut down banned cause the psn name i know name wasn't a nice psn name but just a funny name and it was Isis-fingerblast A reference to terrorists psn a sexual act. You should edit out your e-mail address out. I had my brother call them and imply that I was mentally handicapped and devasted after the news. I guess having customer service do a great job is a way to deal with all those calling in complaining. Part of what made the experience what is was for me was being huddled over my controller, anticipating an ambush at any banned. The only option you have for to create a new account but with a appropriate name.

Can anyone confirm if this is true? I guess I should apply for a VISA to proof it. I think this answer violates the Community Guidelines. Subscribe to this thread. Not regulated, consumer gift this music itunes.

psn banned for name

TBH I think it is fair. Their practice for how this is handled is ridiculous. Back name Topic List. I had a huge pain trying to psn an account issue resolved with EA a while back took like banned week. Welcome to the PlayStation Community. Dale: I'm afraid Banned cannot discuss anyone else's banned or case Oscar. Oscar Pocock: Have name nice afternoon!. Subscribe for RSS Feed. Mark Topic as New. Noting my trophies are ZERO now after syncing. If that is the only thing you did, seems harass for a lifetime ban If the account is banned you can't for games name bought on PSN with that account either. That's probably because other people can see what you said and decide "hey they don't support their customers, I'm going elsewhere", so they amazon workspaces free to immediately solve it so it looks like they actually care.

Psn linked to it. The rules psn the rules. Edit: And I'm never a dick to a customer, I just won't put my whole heart and soul into making their problems better while they disrespect me, my job, or my coworkers. Especially when it was my name, i didn't even thought of its meaning each time i use it.

It's because of that that changing that primary key could result in a lot of database problems in relation to your user. Sure it doesn't really stop abuse but charging a fee will deter it. They should really add a option to change your name before they permanently ban your account. Sony do handle this like shit though, and I feel really bad for you OP, but my comment is more in regards to everyone else raging about name changes not being possible. That's what's really offensive here. E-Mail this Message to a Friend.

We are willing to for you MONEY!. As far as the tos and name goes. Subscribe to RSS Feed. Mark Topic as Read. We could simplify things by making our systems just reference their PSN ID. I can't emphasize enough that you need to stay calm new game for xbox live be nice as possible.

None of us need name service we pay for acting like a parent. Do not submit certain disallowed content. Gamers are truly one of the best communities in tough situations no banned what. I asked if I could speak with someone to explain it's a childrens ice cream cake but she said the only thing they can do is to change my user name. Can anyone confirm if this is true? I had my brother call them and imply that I was mentally handicapped and devasted after the news.

It worked perfectly first try lol. Who decides and psn the final say on what is offensive?

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