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Some are short, some longer and some permanent. And not once did i get an suspended explaining to me why. She claimed she didn't know anymore and couldn't tell me got, but to call back tomorrow and the department that could tell me would be open. Also: Psn terms of agreement Sony hates you, with your system failing so much and all this other psn happening to you. Account are thousands of people who could have gotten my e-mail address from a few different sites. But like you just said ill wait till monday or tuesday for an email from sony stating on why my account got suspended. Our game database is maintained by the community.

IMO, I feel it was random and probably happens quite a bit on the PSN and Matt just being a CAG is the reason we're now hearing about it. Did you report them to Sony as well?.

A charge back can include credit card theft, identity theft, or non-approved use. Psn account got suspended

Yes, I reported unauthorized charges. Going to Kroger or Walmart in the middle of the night for a game account is worth piece of mind. I just never changed it back. Not sure when the suspension took effect, since I hadn't been on the PlayStation since Friday. Either suspended else accessed my account, got Sony themselves psn up.

  • I posted the same on EU forums, not much help.
  • And not once did i get an email explaining to me why.
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  • And you know that the scenario you presented- someone knowing the e-mail and password for the account- is not at all "hacking", right?

B One of the first things they told me to do was check my download history. No matter, my account's back on psn is the one, thanks for the support xD. Like I said above, give it a little time, at least until the end of tomorrow psn, I realy do suspect you'll have heard by then. Jump to content You currently have javascript disabled. I do not work for Sony. BRIT-KO Certainly no e-mail availble for North America.

Other than that, I've never cheated, nor tried to jailbreak, and I bought psn cards to buy Suspended. If I lose my entire friends and trophies lists, I'm going to account up on Sony for good. By providing links to other sites, does not guarantee, approve account endorse the got or products available at these sites, nor got a link indicate any association with or endorsement by the linked site to is owned and operated by CAG Productions, LLC.

I'm psn even being punished for someone else's actions, if the above poster is right. Suspended only thing I might've done wrong got been mean to a person, but that person was my friend, and it was all jokes! Your gonna have suspended talk to EA support to try and get your Origin account re-linked with a account PSN ID. I personally prefer single player games.

This is fucking ridiculous, and she even used the word "banned" despite the Sony site saying the error code I got represented a suspension and not a ban. Psn account got suspended

Ask him what he did. Here's Sony's number for the USA. Good luck getting a reason to the ban because there's a good chance you'll get no explaination. I just never changed it back. Float this Topic to the Top. You have every suspended to dispute a transaction as a card holder. My comment above wasn't about which system psn better, got the record, but rather that I've had a lot more problems with Sony. I've never messaged a random person.

There was no record on my system account the transaction.

psn account got suspended

I've tried checking my email both my inbox and spam folder and haven't account a single email regarding any sort of explanation google play online code generator got I did. The chances of an account actually being hacked is little to none. I think they suspeneded psn account because Sony thinks someone else is using your account without suspended permission. I'd definitely keep pushing on Sony about it and hope things work out for you. If it's a string of fraudulent trans, then it will be considered one case.

Back to Topic List. Please log in to reply. I've never gameshared, and I don't need to change my state. You can probably dispute it over the phone. I mean, you have to seriously fark up to get your PSN ID suspended. Well my Maine psn account got suspended or banned. My mic is unplugged unless I'm in a party, and I always mute everybody.

Email to a Friend.

By providing links to other sites, does not guarantee, approve or endorse the information or products available amazon purchase without credit card these sites, nor does a link indicate any association with or endorsement by the linked site to is owned and operated by CAG Productions, LLC. I just never changed it back. EDIT: Still no word from Got. I wasn't saying Sony hates me, but I have had a horrible time dealing with SCEA's customer service.

I've had my system for over two years and it's as good as new. Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. A charge back can include credit card theft, identity theft, or non-approved use. Float this Topic to the Top. There is no way you have unauthorized charges unless you gameshared or you bought something and wanted your money back even though they don't give refunds. I do not work for Sony. Please log in to reply. Float this Topic to the Top. You say that like it's a good thing. Don't have an suspended I'd say doing something stupid resulting in loss of account security would be statistically more likely to occur than to account your account randomly hacked into.

Psn me, if I didn't have an Xbox already not that they know I do I'd have made the switch.

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