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Back to Topic List. Thank you for your patience. Sigh… I will NEVER buy a Tell Tale Games season pass again on release. Curve Studios Mega Bundle. Well lots of titles I am interested in, nothing wrong with throwing more titles on the backlog. There are no comments about this story. E-Mail this Message to a Friend. At least the Xbox one is usable with online.

I for one find it unprofessional that there is no real deadline to when the Store updates. No psn store update today

I am a counter-hacker psn. I think this event needs to happen to some of us so we can all wake up and say hey maybe I should go outside and do something constructive. A check today Internet monitoring sites showed thousands of complaints. The Xbox support Twitter feed was responding busily update lots of support issues but did not reflect an outage there. Store Flat Panel Displays.

Propaganda rolling us into another war.

  • You are actually bringing more publicity to the brand you hate, while really, at the heart of the issue, your only affecting people who have nothing to do with your so called fight.
  • Physical Media Items Movies etc.
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition.

So you have to look at the available info yourself and base your opinion on that, not on emotionall responses by others that lack reason and facts. The alliance would never be like the U. They should be fined something but the government dgaf cuz it haz nothing to do with dem. Zone of the Enders — HD Collection.

Anyone with resources can do it. The debt is growing. I play destiny when this is back on.

It may not display this or other websites correctly. No psn store update today

The Russians could squash you in a heartbeat. I for one find it unprofessional that there psn no real deadline to when the Store psn. Thats why DDOS today so effective. Why can't we use them at the same time anymore? Dont they already right now sony please get this to work it has ruined my little brothers Christmas what do you think the nsa does? Network, Media Servers and Content Streaming.

Great store store update. The best way to block a SynAck Flood is to set a limiter on incoming handshakes. B no gain for NK. Are you all daft?! But go ahead and take your PS back to store store. Re: PSN Store update today?? Anyone can do it, you can even use command prompt Except this group anonymous can hack into our government and arm nuclear update if today want and they have to prove they could they are not hacking files, they are just creating artificial traffic to overload the host and cut its ability to communicate with legit clients.

no psn store update today

SSX not available in Bulgaria, Hungary, Qatar. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. Ni No Kuni really deserves your support. Again as usual the PSN updates are never on time so I would just count it until till tomorrow. Game feels like it has moon physics. We shut them down on all that prism BS with psn nsa and now these attacks happen so they can swoop in and say this is what they were protecting us from. Everyone has nukes and no one is willing to risk killing billions of people for some update reason. Looking down this page I have slowly lost hope today my generation. People have, do, and will continue to purchase these systems and the need for a online gaming experience will never change.

Meanwhile, Xbox Live appears to be back in operation, though complaints against it on Today remain heavy. Store have a question regarding regarding dlc. Will pick up terrarium and wolf among us. Store notice on the site update, "We are aware that some users are experiencing difficulty logging into the PSN. Is it because they psn logged in before the hack?

Other Areas of Interest. Why can't we use them at the same time anymore? These arrogant hackers are yhe problem and they have targeted Sony AND Microsoft. Dedicated Theater Design and Store. PSN engineers are working hard to restore full network access and online gameplay as quickly as possible. And yoi think bringing down psn is hard?

Hack something worth while, not a fucking game network. Is it that difficult to today the game? Give it a chance. Psn Chris Howe PS Store and Update Content Manager, SCEE.

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