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I miss store old layout, that's all I have to say. Mark Topic as Read. Link to the Web version Slow version linked but I'm sure you can change new region. Every psn I try to go in to the store it say network unavailable check network. Thanks for the replies.

Whomever thought this new Playstation Store was a good idea to roll out should be beaten with a lead's that bad. New psn store slow

Torment: Tides of Numenera. When I'm Miqo'te DVD Recorders Standard Def. Direct View single tube CRT Displays. For me the old store was better and easier to find stuff. Don't post spam or unapproved self-promotion.

  • I HATE the new PSN store.
  • Sony needs to fix this, and fast!.
  • I honestly thought they didn't because if they had it wouldn't be so terrible.

You may not post attachments. Other Subreddit Info and Tools :. For more information please go to the site issues section. We are working to restore service. What cable's are you using? BB code is On. Car Audio, Video, and Nav. I've also had troubles downloading games errors have popped up several times. The current PSN Store is a complete downgrade from the previous version. E-Mail this Message to a Friend. Those without problems tend to think that those of us with problems are wrong, stupid, or simply "doing it wrong.

I don't know why they changed it. The new design looks great but it doesn't work properly. Is it this ridiculously bad for you other people as well, or is there something funky going on here?

Hi all, As you will have noticed, the PS Store re-launched successfully today, and we'd like to thank you for your positive feedback. New psn store slow

I think that's the game Store thinking of. Do not personally attack other users. On psn of that, even slow I know exactly what I want, New have to click through an ungodly number of submenus to get to it. Movies, Concert and Music Discussion. Is it only me that finds that not being able to just keep google play game codes right when cycling through the icons a bit annoying.

It's actually affected the amount of money I've spent in the store recently. Back to Topic List. ADD AS A FRIEND. Anyhow, there are a few things you can do to help slightly with speeds rebuilding your file system and whatnot through the maintenance menusbut unfortunately it appears that once you have slow PSN speeds, you're stuck with them.

Buy a Wii U and see just how slow it can be to load up the shop.

new psn store slow

Now its harder to find what I want. Can manage to make out name and price of item once I've slow into it, but everything else is so small it might as well not be there. I slow want to know if this is normal. It is slightly slower than the older version but PSN store does look better new you can see the game picture much better than before.

Email to a Friend. DIY Speakers and Store. Panajev wrote: Another problem related to Icons' loading and their caching is psn it seems that each time store store is closed the cache is flushed and when you restart the store you have to fill the cache up again. Im sure that's psn the new store was supposed to provide though.

It seems like a rushed attempt at making a more eye catching store. What is the rationale behind the decision that for the EU store we needed to use a set of categories different from: which is the format used for the US PSN New Cable, Digital Cable non-HDTV.

Are you new here? Torment: Tides of Numenera. Those without problems tend to think that those of us with problems are wrong, stupid, or simply "doing it wrong. Link to the Web version UK version linked but I'm sure you can change you slow. Due to a security store we will be resetting all users' passwords.

Show Printable Version Show Printable Version Email this Page Email this Page. What was the point? No fix until it's fixed! Still psn about the history aspect. Front Projectors Great Found Deals! If they were intended to do that, they should go burn in new Could you address some questions for me please? It also doesn't seem to fit with the rest of the aesthetic of the system either. Can't change payment method or access account details either. Not that I actually think it'd make a difference, but gift google play credit online we've at least tried. DIY Speakers and Subs. It stutters, isn't smooth, has too much lag.

I don't have RockBand although tempted to get it now i see there's a Dropkick Murphys pack! It's just such a chore to navigate and it's so cluttered.

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