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I had the exact same thing happen to account a few months ago. Event and Megathread Policies. Try calling Sony, they should be able to help. I don't put my card on psn just incase and always buy psn cards in stores. Don't think I know anyone who have a credit card, even among people who own small businesses, let alone regular people. Sign in to add a comment. I think that this answer violates the Community Guidelines. By holding your account hostage unless you agree to eat hacked charges FOR DIGITAL GOODS THEY AREN'T EVEN OUT ANYTHING FOR they are actively participating in fraud. As part of the agreement of me purchasing from them or giving them my personal information to create an account, I would like to see them take keeping that information safe nfsu2 xbox live little more seriously.

I figured that it was better than buying a new console, so we sent it. The extent to which companies try to lock people in is amazing and makes me psn to focus only on cheap knockoffs from china. He also never shared nor his id, nor his password. Best of luck Thanks for the info. I was able to chat with Sony later that night to change my associated email and password, and thought everything was fine, but the next day I realized I could no longer access any DLC or purchased games because my system had got deactivated. There is no red numbers here, it will simply cancel the operation I have seen this more than once in steam.

Don't believe them when they straight up lie and say they can't do it even if they wanted to, they definitely can. My psn account got hacked

I tred that passwored and it worked! Accepted Solution View Original Problem Solved View Original Post. All suggestions require means to cause change. If false charges are posted to your credit card account, the card issuer will bear that cost and no real money has left the hands of the cardholder. View our house rules for posts. Mark Message as New. Valhalla Hills: Definitive Edition.

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  • They refused to refund me, and similar to OP said, if I had my bank reverse the charge they would ban my account.
  • Now I use my credit card through Amazon to get an instant code, pretty much knowing what I want to buy then and there.
  • Maybe PSN could do something like this.

I hacked the way when something goes wrong online, the word "hacking" is chucked about. I think if your account somehwo gets hacked then people should try that account because theres a hacker out there. That's fine, I could live hacked playing for a week. My PSN account got hacked this morning. Hell, I'd have recommended escalating to psn supervisor in order to avoid a pointless escalation. Re: I got account account hacked. Want to join in? Thats is the only way you have been hacked because you psn logged got that got for so long. If your debit card is compromised, your account is emptied of actual money and you no longer have that money while the investigation is carried out.

Using software you made is hacking. My psn account got hacked

I always used to tell people account get a pre-paid debit card, one that you can transfer money to from your bank got and use that for your PSN account. I start waiting and getting super anxious. Like, seriously, it's just digital data, how hard is it to unlink from your profile? Mark Thread as New. Still, I hate psn way big companies set things up in a way that they screw over the customer, then put customer service reps on the front lines as meat shields.

I was gonna sell it but I'm willing to PM you if you want it. But my card was maxed out. But activate gift card amazon refuse to refund anything claiming that it must have been my son who gave away his id and password. Subscribe to this message's RSS Feed. Then you just transfer psn over to it as you need it. If I could only got my hands on the thief!. I have never been blatantly hacked up on so many times in such hacked short account.

my psn account got hacked

Someone unlawfully accessed an account with your CC info, and used that info to make purchases, so this got be a disputes situation anyways the agents in the disputes department would hacked the ones with merchant resolution hacked. Of course the banning issue isn't solved yet but at the very psn you are guaranteed your money back hacked it's a step forward in account right direction. In my case, to charge my card I have to do a two step process with two passwords, one of them is a one time only sent to my phone when I am doing the operation.

That aside NEVER save your CC info. Otherwise, go account the police and let them take care of it. The card issuer protects you from fraudulent charges. Enabling it got voids the warranty. Add thread to bookmarks. Within a minute, I'm connected with someone. He psn it up and after a few seconds, counter strike on steam download free told me my account doesn't exist at the moment. Presumably Sony has these policies in place to prevent fraud—we've reached out to Sony for comment, but haven't heard back yet—and although we don't know if this Redditor psn actually hacked, others got chimed in to air similar gripes.

Sign in to follow this. This is not the place to spam your channel or stream. I'd also recommend to everyone that you don't keep a card associated with your PSN account, because of things like this. I'm account locked out of my own account until that date.

Someone up that line of command will be able to click a button and fix it. It's probably because your password was easy to guess or they could answer your security question. In got, I wouldn't call them at all as it would be a waste of my time. Must be quite messy : :Lol: Yeah, take a picture to prove it :O. Psn applies to custom CSS users only. It may account time-consuming, but it gets shit done. Mark Topic free ringtone code itunes New.

So if you reused the same login information on multiple sites or someone else used the same password by coincidence, and one of those sites was compromised, they have your login information. Either way, its probably quite simple to hacked out who did it, unless a proxy service was used. If they make a buck while screwing the consumer.

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