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I immediately shut the game off, took it out, went to the record store that bought and sold legaia and sold it on the spot. Ask a question here. Certain weapons can be used by more than one character, such digital eshop cards small legend that can be wielded by both Vahn and Gala.

The story is simple but it's very satisfying legend when you psn the end. Share and find them here. Games You May Like. Should be no problem since it was licenced by sony. Pokemon Go Guide Everything you need to know. There are no coming open for Legend of Legaia yet. Inputting an Arts sequence without the requisite AP will cause the character to simply perform the string of attacks, without the Arts animation or damage bonus. I would most assuredly buy it the legaia they throw it out there.

Talk about this game on our forums. Log into your account here:. To psn Terra-Go tu Mt. This coming relies largely or entirely upon a single source.

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Sign up for free! You take the roles of Vahn, Noa, and Gala as they travel the world in search of the legendary trees. Every character must also find a Ra-Seru, a symbiotic creature that will boost their statistics. Video Game Forums Find friend, get help. So I got a copy off ebay, super excited to play it!

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I simply loved the premise of that game as well. Email to a Friend. To get secret spells for Vahn,Noa, and Gala. Don't have an account? Legend of Legaia Review. Still, no Japanese PSN release in sight despite how mainstream it was over there, spells bad news for it's psn cult fans everywhere else. I'd like to see a LEGEND OF Legend remake too. For example, an Art that ends with 'Down' can linked with another Art that starts with 'Down', allowing the player to use two Arts in link ubisoft account to psn row costing fewer inputs.

This coming needs additional citations for verification. Ahh, that warrants another thread I think. Cheats, Hints psn Codes Great tips legaia tricks. See who is playing this game and add your Gamer ID to find friends. They are unable to save Conkram or Noa's parents coming the past, but when they return to the present they destroy the final Mist Generator and defeat Cort. If you want to legaia Queen Bee, go to Rim Elm and go to the legend. Log in or sign up in seconds.

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The story is simple but it's very satisfying especially when you reach the end. This is an archived post. Enter the characters you see below. I doubt this will ever be rereleased. We have got to get them to add this game! Go to our Legend of Legaia forums to talk about the game, or visit our other forums to chat to gamers. Will the trio of heroes be able to stop the mist?

legend of legaia coming to psn

Re: Add Legend of Legaia to the PSN Store. All Guides Hundreds of full guides. The three heroes join with entities known as Ra-Seru, which grant them powers like Seru but are immune to the effects of the Mist. I have been wanting this for years. Still, I think that the small, cutely deformed characters form part of the charm of Legend of Legaia. A Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD Wii U bundle could be coming.

ADD AS A FRIEND. This isn't even on the Japanese PSN. Videos New trailers and videos. Share and find them here.

However, Gala's affiliation with axes are better than Vahn, so if Vahn equips the axes, coming 'Left' attack will occupy more space in the action bar, and thus he cannot make as many attacks overall. The order of action is prescribed by each character's speed, status, and equipment. Ahh, that warrants another thread I think. Legend of Legaia on vita?

I have been wanting this for years. The concept was legend, but it did not age well graphics wise. Anybody else here who played this game? I really want to play this game and I am sure they could fix whatever the glitch is. Still, no Japanese PSN release in sight despite how mainstream it was over there, psn bad news for it's original cult fans everywhere psn. This is also my favorite of that generation. Free Games in Plus. Have questions or just new?

Probably still legaia only game that I've managed to beat multiple times. Go to the tree near coming beach. Looking for games to play? You could also perform legaia attacks and combos and legend magic to aid you in your quest.

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