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Quickly climb up the bars ahead, you will need to jump. Run back up the stairs. Alive back up psn. IF GOING AFTER SURVIVORS - ALWAYS KEEP THREE FOOD CANS, NEVER EAT THE MEAT. Head through the sewer and you will run in to a homeless man on the left. Update List Game All PSP, PPSSPP. Leave the alley and head to the left. Shotgun - Requires Shells to use. Don't get to close to the old woman on. While in these streets your stamina will continuously decrease until. In I Am Alive, players will be challenged by both fix environment and their enemies.

Head down the stairs to get in a fight with four hostiles. Watch the cut scene and then leave the safe zone with Mei now strapped to your.

Head down one more time to check out the corner of the. I am alive psn fix

BODY ARMOR vest on. Don't have an account? Back away from him. As you approach the ramp you should experience an aftershock, stay put until it. Now get down again and head back across the gap to reach.

  • Pull out a gun and then get.
  • Climb back down the ledge and now over to the right across.
  • It basically contains the key to unlock the full game.

Work your way up the ramp and climb up a ledge. They tell you about. If you can't get to your arrow to pick it up at this point. Head to the back of the walkway and go to the. Y Button - Map. Don't bother trying to give the other bottle of Wine. Now take a left in to the hallway to finish the.

Get back on the roof. I am alive psn fix

Note that you have now lost your bow. Get down in the trench for a SODA CAN and get back out. Start using the rooftops to you advantage and get spotted by. Watch the cut scene as Mei tells you how much she loves fireworks. Now head forward through the hall and climb the pallets ahead on the right. Give him some Oral Rehydration Salts. Now jump to the platform ahead and enter the sewers.

i am alive psn fix

Campaign : Made in India, Make in India. Once you hit the ground you will be in another conflict with four guys. Now continue to the left and long jump across and shimmy. Every game requirements please contact above mail I will reply you as soon as possible. Head up the stairs to the left and crawl in to the make-shift house for a WATER. Head inside and around to the left in to the bedroom the enemy was in to find a.

Instructions To Download The Game From Site. Head back up to safety on. Now cross the tracks to the left side, this is just to save extra breathing. B Button - Drop. Continue south and you can find some RAT MEAT at. Now walk across the pipe to the right.

Climb up the side of the cliff and this time you will encounter a man up here. Head over and out of the shaft to be thanked by the man trapped down here and. Enter through the missing window and head over to the pillar in. You can't get in to her apartment if you do. You will fight a total of seven hostiles. Why the hell does he get to just. When you enter the next room you will. Fruit Cocktail, Food Can, Soda Can, Inhaler, and the Meat. Now head through the blanket and climb the pipes to the top. Shingeki no Kyojin Attack on Titan. HD - TV shows. Head back to the. Now head out the way you came. Get in the hall back on the fourth.

Now head down the sloping tracks that lead down to the. Left Bumper - Inventory. Give him the First Aid.

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