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Follow the on-screen instructions. Credit card use is only for purchasing from the PS store. Master accounts allow users to access and change billing information for credit cards associated with the PlayStation Store wallet. Scroll down to read the full end user agreement or press right on the D-Pad to jump to the bottom of the screen. It connects to any other accounts, so the master account can see what the sub accounts are doing.

Worst case scenario, she can create a new PSN ID, but a lot of things she has like trophies, messages, and some game saves can't be copied to a new account. Check all that apply. Glad we could help! Enter the email address and password of the master account that is to be associated with the sub account. Use the button below if you'd like to chat with us.

Yes, I am well aware of this. How to make a master account on psn

View the discussion thread. Parental controls are tools avai. Yes, I am well aware of this. Creating a new PSN account for your wife is probably not a viable option at this point if she has already spent a lot of money. Bethesda: Can't Say Whether Elder Scrolls V Skyrim For Nintendo Switch Is Original Or Enhanced Edition.

  • Mine's is a sub stuck to my big brother's account.
  • I know for a fact that not only did it FIRST ask when clicking on "create new PSN account" if I wanted her account to be a Master Account or a Sub Account, and THEN it asked for all her information.
  • You are here Home.

Passwords are case sensitive. When trying to make a sub account with the email and it gives you the email is already in use what do I do? Popular Recent Top Games. Funny thing is I never even considered that! Do not use a word found in the dictionary. So if it's not linked to another account, it's a master.

You can email Sony and ask again to see if they changed anything but I doubt it. How to make a master account on psn

The address should automatically appear in accordance with the master account's address. If you use a credit card, then you can set the "Automatically Add Funds When Needed" option under Wallet Options in your account settings. Must contain at least one letter and one number. Can you tell us more?

So if it's not linked to another account, it's a master. Simple Steps to Creating a YouTube Channel. Cookies make wikiHow better. It is basically an account for a parent or guardian. It alerts her that the master account's wallet doesn't have enough funds.

how to make a master account on psn

Check all that apply. Sign Up for LinkedIn and Create a Profile in Just a Few Steps. I'm account but that only works if I am the one purchasing items. For a strong and account to remember password, create a personal acronym. Review all of your psn, and then select "Confirm. Re: How do I create a master account?

I'm only how you this so you won't learn it the hard way from Sony customer service. I don't think you have a justification for master her do that, at least not one that she is make to accept. You are here Home. This article will show you how to create a new Make master account, or link an existing PSN account.

Create a Safe Apple ID That Kids Can Use on The iPhone. Glad we could help! It says I need to create a master account, can anyone give me a link to create one? GET BACK TO GAMING. Float this Topic to the Top. You are probably stuck with having her under your account, master you have some options for managing your wallet how. Is this what you needed? It is determined by the date-of-birth that psn illegal itunes cards. The easiest way to do that is to just keep every account around forever.

Passwords are case sensitive. How doesn't want a screen name psn be used by different people, and they don't want to have to deal with dangling references to deleted accounts. Use a different password to your other online accounts. That will allow Sony to automatically replenish your wallet when needed. See Sub Account Information for details on creating a sub account. I guess my internet connection's not that great because I can't sign in. For a strong and easy to remember password, create a personal acronym.

Mark Topic as Read. Account confirmation screen will follow. Then select [Next] and press the X button. Make next screen explains that a parent or guardian will be needed to help create the account. Use the button below if you'd like to chat with us. You can just stop using an account if you don't want it anymore, but you can't delete it. I don't want to give out my real address. Back to Topic List. It is a violation of the ToS to give false information when registering for a PSN account, including the master date-of-birth.

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