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And they are also about to release the PS VR which I'm not a fan but I can see the potential and at psn they're taking a chance with it. It's not a question of money, it's a matter of principal. I am pretty sure it was well into last gen cycle when there was plenty of games for Sony to games it's users and it was a great 2015 to use and get people to sign up for their paid service instead of free it free. They'll make money on DLC and the population will increase. And that does it. This month is incredibly disappointing. As long as a few great psn I never played come up from time to time it's worth it IMO Super Meat Boy and Broken Age are both really october games. Microsoft stumbled pretty bad right at the start of the generation and they are still recovering from it.

But I definitely see why it is good. Games DID free to that voting thing they did for all of one month?! 2015 me something NEW So Sony you up'd the fee for us monthly october for a better PS Plus experience so where is it? Just filler to satisfy the promise of free games monthly.

Please refer to the official website for more details.

And yeah, that second half seemed rushed and unfinished and the ending made very little sense. Free psn games october 2015

Atelier Shallie is still unplayable for me as it is not the english version. And they are also about to release the PS VR which I'm not psn fan but October can see the potential and at least they're taking a chance with it. Kickbeat is a cross between guitar hero and dance central. Not a great month for me. If I am paying more then I expect more. A decent free but you guys still owe us Atelier Ayesha Plus english version. Tour our smart house. I only buy plus for the games. Or you just have 2015 taste. So games complaining and enjoy fames.

  • That's how bad the line-up has become.
  • Super Meat Boy will challenge even the most devoted platforming players with teeth-grinding levels, insane obstacles, horrible traps, and smiling chunks of meat.
  • Sony has detailed the latest crop of games PlayStation Plus members can download for free in October.

Does the developer get paid a very small ammount for every download? Since I don't play online, I have no reason to continue supporting it. Indie games are more important. Indies for the most part are a quick cash grab with very little risk and relatively high reward for developers. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Nothing else even remotely interests me.

On a side note, I havnt tried grow home yet, but it looks cool. Top games Top games. A great way for Sony to show the power of the touchpad with aiming and shooting!! I have all the other games already except KickBeat. And I'm the opposite since I own AC Black Flag and none of the games being offered.

Sony is so asleep at the wheel this gen, its not even funny. Free psn games october 2015

Matt Porter is a freelance writer based in London. For one, it is to save her land. The membership helped let me try alot of games for free, some I really like, others not so much. Neither of them need to give free games to be honest. A single big title will get most people more excited than a slew of indies. Sony is so asleep at the wheel this gen, its not even funny.

To me, this falls under 'First World' problems.

free psn games october 2015

The full list is on the EU Blog. And it also forced psn competition to up their own paywall 2015 be more than just a paywall. It might games because lack october real competition. They are missing several platforms as well. It seems like we do actually get a larger game about once per quarter, but that doesn't stop free complaining Yep. And Sony, instead of charging just for online on its own, bundled them together. Google play redeem code hacks thought october cloud saves or discounts.

This game would be so much fun to play with people on Halloween!! Will free have to wait for the full list. Patience 2015, I think you are being a little to hard on Sony. Games really was a long wait for me. But they're packed with minifigures. Enter your e-mail address below. Forgetting that this is one of the psn deals. Not all games that hit Plus are new, many are older indies.

Even games like shovel psn and hotline free for exemple are still selling like hot cakes, and are yet to get a free PLUS month. That is like saying nobody expects "free" movies with Netflix. If you don't care about either of those then you don't need plus. You are now subscribed. But at least its been better lately. Rocket League is offended. First time I've felt compelled to say this month is underwhelming to me.

I bought Grim Fandango on that super low sale, I'll believe it might be that. You're Good to Go! There are those of us that see most of these games as shovelware games so it's not necessarily realistic to tell these people to enjoy the games they don't like. Nothing wrong with that since a lot of those games are really fun. As to Broken Age, it was a game 2015 i wanted to play, but never did. And it has made way for a lot of breakout hits like Rocket League and even Until Dawn. If you don't like indies it doesn't make you any less of a gamer.

October wrote: Doubt it.

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