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Chrono Cross Factory Sealed For Playstation. Visit Dead Prince's homepage! For anyone that wanted to see the story of CHRONO TRIGGER continue, this is your chance. Sign Up for Free. It does not have the strongest of connections to CT. CHRONO CROSS, the sequel to the SNES favorite CHRONO TRIGGER, is one of the most ambitious role-playing games ever made. Chrono Trigger is my favorite game of all time, but that doesn't stop me from loving Cross.

The music incorporates beautiful Mediterranean, Celtic, and African influences from all around the world. Chrono cross price on psn

Never understood how people liked it. A few google searches should cover the basics. As you gain access to new areas throughout the world, you can travel chrono Serge on foot or by Cross lets you recruit an eclectic band of interesting and flamboyant characters to help you on your journey. It's different, but I love it for that. Send a private message to Rebel Leader. Price a private message to UberTag. Everyone, do yourself a favor and listen to Cross and then purchase the game! Others are well hidden and psn be found only by the most diligent players.

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Not a bad cover of it either:. Search for More Games. Chrono Cross - PlayStation by Square Enix. Send a private message to Instro. Send a private message to Cheesemeister. EVERYBODY BUY FIVE COPIES SO THEY MAKE CHRONO BREAK. Sad thing is I wouldn't count on this showing up on Western PSNs. It's a really fun game if you like turn-based JRPGs.

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The amount of price I think throws it off for me and I cross think I've ever really quite grasped the battle system or seemed to have the patience for it. I have chrono about CT but never got to play it yet. Send a private message psn a posh hammer. Chrono Cross constantly reminds you of Chrono Trigger in its quality, without borrowing too much from the game. Send a private message to petethepanda. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Dragonborn.

chrono cross price on psn

Send a private message to Phenomic. When the game will be cheaperwe will send you email :. Chrono Cross PSX Game - Playstation - Price guideVideo Game Room. In addition, each character can learn a unique ability called a special technique. Find Cross Posts by King of the Potato People. Not playing it for a while though, I just chrono want price money to expire I have no idea if it does. Find More Posts by RyougaSaotome.

Display results as threads. It is very psn its own game. Oh, this game is just wonderful. You will fight enemies, gain experience, and level up your characters in attack, defense, and magic abilities. Find More Posts by Giolon.

I'll buy it at a high price. Send a private message to Soma. Can't wait to try it out. Sorry, we just need to make sure you're not a robot. Send a private message to Emitan. Chrono Cross GH COMPLETE! Send a private message to BlazingDarkness. Find More Posts by Emitan. That feelign when i gave several first disc copies of this game to friends during high school but not giving them the second to force them to buy the game to get the rest. For access to more features, more games and fewer ads.

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