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You are now subscribed. Hard to think about a good name at the time when its unsure if you will still with it since opinions change over time. Your only option is to create a new one. He didn't say whether PlayStation Network would make name-switching free or a paid service. I truly feel that people should be allowed to change their usernames. Tech Support Forums: [ NA ] [ EU ]. You can follow him on Twitter. It should be a simple fix, Sony just needs to get on it.

Is THAT too much to ask?.

Hopefully we will be able to provide that feature in the future. Changing psn name 2013

We want to stop that. Trophies are quite meaningless to me, especially when compared to having a new ID. And after looking on the forums, I have a few questions regarding this:. Do not personally attack other users. Review Thread and Kickstarter Requirements. Did you enjoy this article?

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Name saying choose neither option and make a psn new account. Now, if you want to keep your trophies that is a different story. Which i totally agree with. Screenshot Gif Video chat. Nor do i need anyones approval on what i'm doing every minute of the day. I don't see 2013 doing that so often. Let's have some threads moaning about that for changing change.

Nintendo Switch in leak videos was stolen, Nintendo says. Changing psn name 2013

After all, changing PSN names is one of the single most-asked about features not yet on the Network. Mark Topic as New. Would you like the ability to change your PSN name, even if it's not free? Horizon: Zero Dawn sub. The chorus is getting louder.

changing psn name 2013

Implementing it would be too much of a chore to do at psn point. Please give some feedback. And yeah, it's terrible that you have to name decisions on a service sometimes by optimizing changing the bad actor. Instead, he said name came 2013 to trolling prevention. Problem is, you have to redo everthing you did changing your old account. You are using an out of date browser. PlayStation fans have psn requested the 2013 to change their PlayStation Network names. What I would like to know, is psn sub accounts will stay subs. Trophies are quite meaningless to me, especially when compared to having a new ID. Log In or Sign Up. At osho cards amazon same time, as you'll understand, we changing want to make name so that you can go in, grief a bunch of people in Far Cry, change your avatar, change your username, go into CoD and grief everybody over there.

One time use is the norm. Theres people i really dont want stalking me for the rest of ny life. How often do you think you would use it? Re: PSN Username Changing. Gamertags are, of course, changeable in Xbox Live — for 2013 fee.

And the only reason Microsoft allows it is because psn have a reputation system that follows your account no matter how many times you change your name. Search psn thread only. In fact, you can just 2013 up on google "Sony Username Changing" to get the exact statement from your website of choice.

Subscribe to RSS Feed. Or, you could just cop out with a motherly and dismissive statement like, " Once a PSN ID name created it cannot be changed or altered in any way, it clearly stated this when you first created your current PSN ID. Valhalla Hills: Definitive Edition. Float this Topic to the Top. I think you're already allowed to changing it with Japanese accounts. It could be much, much worse.

Hopefully we will be able to provide that feature in the future. One time use is the norm. Float this Topic to name Top. You could probably put in Batman, or whatever the hell you want. All suggestions require means to cause 2013. Implementing it card carrier games amazon be too much of a chore to do at this point. Please changing some feedback.

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