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I think this answer violates the Community Guidelines. Does the back of the card indicate the country in which the card was purchased? Yes No Sally of Pascoe Vale Sth, Other on Feb. No one will help me with this. Then kabam used to come up with rebates on their in-app purchases to facilitate this process so we spent more and more in order to get those champions and use their specific features provided by the game.

Are you getting that balance on your iPod touch or when you log into iTunes on your computer? Yes No Company Name: Apple Website:. You get the feeling you are been run by a dictatorship! Banks have an easier login process than Apple does. I went to the game apps, went to go buy an app, and it takes me directly to the method of payment page. Podcasts Contact iMore About iMore Android Central Connectedly CrackBerry iMore Windows Central Tesla Central VR Heads MrMobile Modern Dad Give me some space!

When I click on buy song it loads and then does nothing. Itunes wont let me buy songs with gift card

No money left on card but itunes still lets me buy songs? That one's tricky Jessica, because Apple now sees those as two separate accounts. The Banks will hold Apple users liable for any losses as card is usually in single name account! Is there any way I can make it work, or do I just give it away? I got an itunes card as a gift and redeemed it but every time I try to purchase a movie it keeps taking me to my billing information.

  • Cards purchased outside the U.
  • Someone said: Same here!
  • Its up to you which one is convenient.
  • Very annoying becuase of the cashier.
  • I can't redeem my Itunes Gift cos I'm outside of US, and i can't change my country because it wont match my billing address.
  • Same thing with me.

I bought a samsung tablet and would like to transfer my songs from itunes to the tablet any way i can do this. Kerra Edwards Re: Why won't iTunes let me buy songs?. Dig in to find the best option for your protection needs. Today's Posts Popular This Week Ask a Question Advanced Search Titles Only. They must think they are "too big to fail". Ask other users about this article.

Apple has basic instructions on this at their support site. Same thing with me. Everytime I buy from iTune, they always charge me double. Could you give me advice on this issue?

Who can get free exposure during the Super Bowl, Apple, that's who. Itunes wont let me buy songs with gift card

Not a valid YouTube URL. I called the week before. Do they not monitor their sales and online purchases??? I went to use said money, and it insisted that I fill out my payment method I had alrea. The only way to cancel is from an actual computer and the one I have has an outdated browser so I can't log in from it!

Daniel has achieved "Gold" level status, the highest overall rating possible. Make sure it says "No credit card on file" under "Payment Information". How iTunes Store purchases are billed. Right of the bat, any user should see these tasks because these are the basics. Yes No Sally of Pascoe Vale Sth, Other on Feb. Has put me in a real bind. You can change your security questions there I just bought a card, scratched off the code, impuTed it like you showed, but it says the card was already redeemed.

To perform better we had to use synergies provided by the game and to use those synergies we had to had some specific champions in game and then we had to level up those champions to use them in game. If you feel any of these questions have been included in error help us improve our content by splitting these questions into seperate discussions. I never opened an account with them, therefore I don't have a buy eshop cards with paypal.

itunes wont let me buy songs with gift card

Itunes a music one. Someone said: I nintendo eshop qr codes hit none and still will not let mr use my gift card???? It had already been redeemed. Need earbuds that NO ONE ELSE but the with can hear? I know im typing in the correct password, and just bought let card so i know its good. Itunes won't let me buy songs using my gift card?.

Are you entering it through iTunes or through an iPod touch or iPhone? I don't hesitate to spend money on games, I have done it on some card before also and similarly on this game gift. Misuse, and it's songs holder's fault. I have redeemed my itunes gift card, but it asks for my card details when i try to purchase? Since then I tried to contact Apple several times, I emailed wont, but have received nothing but a general email back with a case buy. If that dosent work, just click on your account name and it should pop up. The agent's supervisor wasn't helpful more than the agent.

Be aware of this app and probably other apps by the same developer. Please check and try again.

Looking to cut the cord? I restart the program, wait, try again, try different songs and nothing works. Did you get the number right? So I then called the FTC Federal Trade Commission who told me it was indeed Apple's responsibility. It does not contain enough information. It was that they just simply double charged me for no reason but it was my fault. Enter your credit card information then click save. He essentially cannot access his purchases music accumulated over many years. Click the View account tab. Is the app free or does it cost money?

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