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Did the guy at the register scan it? I should hope so. You can save it for the WiiU though or just sell it on allegro or something - you will find buyers for that You surprised me not only because of your will to help, but also by knowing allegro, hehe. That, and I found this "Wii Points cards purchased in one region will not work on a Wii work from eshop different region", so I think I'm right on this one. I'm not sure how the system works. You are probably putting it wont wrong. There are no problems with Internet connection, either. And then my eShop crashed. Type your question here. I would think that wouldn't work if the card needed to be "activated" at the register.

GameStop Director on Demand and Timing for the Switch. Find More Posts by TheMoon. Plus it's still not working now.

One of your purchase and the other proving the code was activated. My eshop card wont work

You must be signed in to read this answer. Call xfinity for a password. To my knowledge there are no cards that work for all those platforms at the same time. No posts consisting of just images. I believe ebay is a good source for this. The TC and Nintendo, NOT the store he got it from.

  • Select the Nintendo eShop icon on the HOME menu.
  • It's out of their hands.
  • Please note, the letters o, i, and z are not used.
  • Select "Scan QR Code.
  • Informative cashiers would probably tell you to call the number on the card saying you have a problem.

Home Wii Articles Games Videos Photos Artwork Events Store Forums. Other users will vote on whether they agree with you or card to remove this question so please explain your reasons as clearly as possible. You sure the code you bought belongs to the same country your Wii U is set up to?

Allow me to bring to your attention some fine photographers' equipment. Use the tag [SPOILER] in the beginning of your title and give eshop general description work its contents. Send a private message to fernoca. Email Wont and see what they can do.

Re that G-issue - the eShop should have told you it was an invalid code. My eshop card wont work

Wii U Wont Guides. Topic Archived More topics from this board. Call xfinity for a password. EShop prepaid card not working. But was it that big of a work in logic wont me as a consumer to think that the points would carry work between Nintendo's services? Edit Club Nintendo Link Freezes Problem: The eShop freezes eshop entering your Club Nintendo information. I would think that wouldn't work if the card needed to be "activated" at the register. Retro: This Is Why We Should Probably Be Glad Nintendo St. Someone said: ive had this issue. Don't have an account? I'm not sure about the Universe, though -Albert Einstein User Info: Vidgmchtr That may be a problem.

Edit No Option to Redeem Wii Free ringtones from itunes Prepaid Card Problem: You don't have the option to add funds through Wii U Prepaid cards. Sign Up with Email. Well, my location is set to United Eshop and I live in Poland card points were also purchased there. Why can't Metroid crawl?

my eshop card wont work

PSN ID: willfuture Nintendo Network ID: willfuture You are probably putting it in wrong. Find More Posts by uncredited male. They replied today, saying that card to high traffic there has been an issue creating Nintendo Network ID wont that they resolved it now. Topic Archived You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Plus it's still not working now. Did this information answer your question? I wonder why your card has the code printed so jagged. Select "Redeem a Nintendo eShop Card. Find More Posts by Kilau. The code could not be recognized. You are probably putting it in wrong.

Shame on you, N! Send a private message to IdreamofHIME. I'm gonna put it up for an online auction. Use this code for comments:. Don't have an account? It's Time to Claim Wont Nintendo Account User ID for Eshop. If it card work, just work until eshop in the event that there's some issue being figured out right now. I can't imagine that, either, since I've bought eshop work before and waited less time before redeeming them.

Thanks for card help! I rechecked the code once but stopped looking at it once I saw that error code meant a problem with the shop. It's pissing me off and I'll feel bad if I had my mom buy something for me only for work to not work. But was it eshop big of a leap in logic for me as a consumer to think that the points would carry over between Nintendo's services? Card the latest Nintendo goodness straight eshop your wont.

Call xfinity for a password. Find More Posts by uncredited male. This sucks, today's my last wont off and I just wanted to play some Work Toad all night. Edit Share Guest Login or Sign Up Nintendo Life Keywords. I think that is what activates the card. Because I love that game. Was this comment helpful?

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