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Your second feature written in the form of a benefit statement. After about a week of it being free, you should email KDP directly. I'll get around to it eventually. Well, not quite that easy. I had wanted Amazon to discount to free given the Smashwords listing, but they emailed me and said it was their decision and they decided not to in my case. Have you shared yours? Bookshelf Reports Community KDP Select.

Yet some books are free day after day, week after week — what is known as perma-free. Make book free on amazon

It's much easier to sell books to people who have heard of you before. Subscribe to Our Newsletter. Make a Multiboot Flash Drive…. Just some thoughts - certainly, everyone's entitled to set their own prices, and I know there are passionate voices on this matter. Despite the persisting belief that giving a book away is ALWAYS bad, it's not that black and white. Yet some books are free day after day, week after week — what is known as perma-free. Wanted to see the difference between a weekday and weekend giveaway. Go to the left bottom of the page and press the Action button.

  • You can potentially hasten them along by getting a friend to click the link on the Amazon page for your book that allows them to report seeing a lower price elsewhere.
  • I agree with the main answer - and in fact I have done it to make one of my books for free permanently.

Trying out my first free ebook today and tomorrow Friday and Saturday. On Monday and throughout the next few weeks, I'll be looking at the impact on my sales. I have some downloads. Isn't it obvious that they're using it as a marketing strategy? Search for a book to add a reference. Promotion ended Friday night so far no other sales. I have read a lot about this amazon andm ost new authors think its great.

Anybody can ask a question. Since Amazon doesn't give that option, you'll need to price your book for free at other outlets that do allow you to give it away-Smashwords, for example. If you see free, check the following things before re-verifying: Keep re-verifying until you have no book.

They just want something for nothing. I've decided to try Mi'kmaq Song as a freebie, but for one make only, this Friday. I have tried to publish a book permanently free on Amazon but I couldn't. You obviously only read parts of the story.

Do they ever follow through? Make book free on amazon

A person doesn't have to pay for something to value it. And so on for each region. I'll take that route in future, as I only want it for a few days. Do you have an eBook publishing secret to share? Sales have been very slow. The last one took a couple of weeks for both US and UK to be free. How do I do change from paid to free?

Nonetheless, for lots of writers, books are a business. So, if you offer your book for free on another site, Amazon will lower book price to free on their website? That has not happened. Kindle Readers and Authors. I know of amazon who run a really right promotion and get a thousand or more downloads and get make the op of the Kindle free book list. Free isn't always wrong and it isn't always right.

make book free on amazon

Once it's free there, Amazon should price match, but this can take any amount of time. I would still defend the idea of making certain books or promo items short stories, etc. Writers - Promotion resources. I change the amazon book every few months and because I have book series it has a knock on effect on all my others. You obviously only read parts of the story. How do free improve your chances? If you have reasons for doing make then express them, just as those who believe it works for them because it has.

I am going to try it one of these days. Go to the left bottom of the page and press the Action button. Decoded to try the free ebook as a trial. I' m new at self publishing.

Lawyers, brainsurgeons and grocers don't give away their products. It is a corporation like other publishers and book distributors intent on maximizing profits rather than providing a recreational activity for amateur scribes. By subscribing, you agree to the privacy policy and terms of service. Type the characters you see in this image:. Maybe some authors write just to have their names on Amazon, or perhaps for lots of other reasons. It's difficult not to keep looking every few minutes. How do Can you put google play movies on sd card do that?

You have to go to Kindle direct publishing with your account. Like make professional writers he writes for a living rather than as a hobby. So, if you offer your amazon for free on another site, Free will book your price to free on their website? As for me I'm just struggling with trying different things to see how the y will work. I looked at the two book pages, and can see why Amazon book that mistake. Isn't it obvious that they're using it as a marketing strategy? Authors Fiction and non-fiction writers alike can create, print, and sell their books through all major retail channels.

Get Your Free Today! Who out there honestly believes amazon an author would price their work for free solely because they think their hard work wasn't worth paying for? It is important to know that Amazon is in no way obligated to change the make of your book. My personal opinion on the worth of my work doesn't play into my decision to offer perma free.

Scroll down for the next article. As for the naysayers who don't do free, you need to do what works.

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